Fani-Kayode: A bigot in search of redemption By Kelechi Jeff Eme

One lesson I learnt over the years is to ignore rabble rousers no matter the degree of their provocation. The recurrent decimal that defines political failures is their unalloyed penchant at deploying religion and ethnicity in craving for a seat on the political gravy train. The irony is the success rate of this tactics notwithstanding the damage it does to the polity and national cohesion.

Igbo scholar disgraces Femi Fani-Kayode •Demolishes claims on Igbo/Yoruba history with facts and figures

An Igbo scholar, Dr. Samuel Okafor, has made one-time Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, look so small and uneducated by using facts and figures to demolish the claims he made in the controversial August 8 article, “The Bitter Truth About The Igbo”, which set off a storm that almost threatened Igbo-Yoruba relations.

N150 Million Fraud: Convicted Army Colonel gave N11 million to Oyedepo’s Winner’s Chapel

Living Faith Church, aka Winner’s Chapel, with headquarters in Otta Ogun State, and owners of Convenant University, was as one of the beneficiaries of the N150 million Colonel Robert Ahangba, stole from Bayelsa state Government.

Ahangba  was convicted on Tuesday by an Army Court Martial, and sentenced to a seven year jail term subject to confirmation by higher military authority.

Why The Igbos Are Not Allowed To Share Lagos State With Yorubas- Femi Fani Kayode

Permit me to make my second and final contribution to the raging debate about Lagos, who owns it and the seemingly endless tensions that exist between the igbo and the yoruba. It is amazing how one or two of the numerous nationalities that make up Nigeria secretly wish that they were yoruba and consistently lay claim to Lagos as being partly theirs. Have they forgotten where they came from?

Deporting Nigerians in Nigeria

Deporting Nigerians in Nigeria: Lagos State Government tells lies. Initially, a spokesman of the Lagos State Government denied that deportations took place. And now, the Government's octave is getting more discordant with more lies as it admits the deportations of 'fellow Nigerian countrymen and women' to another 'Nigeria' country.


Yarima's reply reminds me of Show Promoter's song in which he sang about an incestuous father who defended his heinous act in court with the claim that the girl he abused was his own daughter, born by the woman he married with his own money. He likened it to buying a piece of property and destroying it at will.

Nigeria: Constitution Review - Senate Rejects Autonomy for LGs, Okays Marriage for Underage Women by Omololu Ogunmade and Onwuka Nzeshi

The much-awaited voting on recommendations of the Senate Committee on the Review of the Constitution took place Tuesday with the parliament throwing out the recommendation of a six-year single term for the president and governors.

Igbo People and Irish People: A Trans-Atlantic Partnership By George C E Enyoazu At the 10th Anniversary of Ezinwanne, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland

For the benefit of all, especially our Irish friends, I would like to start by running a little historical introduction of the Igbo people, and then talk on the similarities of the Igbo and Irish peoples, before exploring areas that would be mutually beneficial to both nations.


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