About Us

African Democrat is an online reportage of borderless news, not partisan. It recognizes the borderless gains of democracy in contrast to authoritarian rules. Thus, it gives the African person a platform for self expression, using the tag line: Have Your Say.

The African Democrat reports news from the margins, not in line with the new world order. In this 21st Century, the African must be free to decide their future, not dictated to by the outsider, not through the prism of the outcome of the Berlin Conference (Scramble for Africa). Often, the African seems to accomplish little, beclouded and distracted by wars, ethnic and religious tensions, oppressive regimes, State failures, and the aftermath of colonial misadventure. Every believer in freedom is a democrat. The African Democrat logo intently translates a message. It is up to the African democrat, no matter the ideological leaning to move the continent or society forward, being swift as a cheetah, with the strength of the eagle and tough as the iroko. Africa has to compete favourably with other continents of the world, not to live in self-pity and predicament of previous wrongs done to her.