Ndigbo, lets assume formlessness By Kelechi Deca

No Predator will attack what it cannot see!  People might see some of us as weaklings,they are entitled to their opinion. I believe, for any society to be complete, it must have those who will say, lets die today,and those who will be afraid to die today..
That makes a complete society.

I spent two months in Rwanda in 2007 speaking with people who went through the Rwandan Genocide. It gave me a fresh perspective of what happened during Biafra because in Rwanda, I saw fresh wounds, touched them,and felt them. At times like this, restraint is a virtue.

Fani Kayode is already finished, dissipating energy on him will turn him into a victim and an underdog which will not be to our advantage. Dont beat a dead man,people will show sympathy for a corpse,even if it is a corpse of the wicked, thus you risk shifting the equation of the battle. He blocked me same day he wrote the first rubbish.

No argument will supplant the need for Ndi Igbo to start as a matter of urgency, the development of their homeland,the repatriation of their resources and a concerted efforts towards the development of Igboland.
While we are st it, there are certain facts we should not be blind to; 70% of our resources and wealth are outside Igboland. This is not good.It puts us at a disadvantage.

I am not interested in fighting over who owns Lagos. I am interested in how to replicate something far better than Lagos in Igboland. And I have developed the Blueprint 6 years ago.It is workable,it is not Rocket Science and we can achieve it.

That is what I am interested in.

While some Yorubas are fighting to claim Lagos as theirs, we should be planning on how to transplant Lagos and drop it on the long stretch from Enugu through Okigwe to Aba. With one end having access to an International Airport, and another having access to a seaport.

But while we are at this. How we manage ourselves will determine the success of this project. Circumspection is a virtue.

Lets as a people focus on Igboland,refocus our energies on Igboland,ask the question; what,why,when and how.

The advantage Lagos has today is not geographical.It is the people. Las Vegas is in a desert,its economy is bigger than that of the entire Africa. We make up half of that PEOPLE that makes Lagos tick. I am among the very few Igbo people that saw the figures of the census carried out by the Lagos State Government in 2006 and the reasons why they refused to make it public. Lagos has comparative advantage because it has people. And we can unmake it, but before we unmake it, we need to create an alternative. You cant destroy what you have to get what you want.

In my humble opinion, and lets not be deceived about it, Fani Kayode spoke the minds of 90% of Yoruba people, but you will get about 25% supporting his views openly,and about 30% sitting on the window. But deep inside them,he expressed an ever present fear all of them have.How we manage this is as important as the very issue.

If all of us are shouting back, wielding our weapons and doing Akpu Obi,it wont help our cause one bit. We got to learn how to catch Monkeys in Brazil; we need to study the Monkeys.

Bravado has never helped us,it has always been our undoing.

We need to be formless, we need to articulate the right strategy for this battle,we should not go into this new war the same way we have waged all the wars we have fought, where every man does his own thing his own way,where there is no control, where people chose their own weapons at will,and use it as they deem fit.

Igboland cannot win this present battle with this mob mentality we are exhibiting,we must be organised,we must define the rules of engagement, and we must have voices of reason. That to me is not weakness.It is strength.

To be formless is not to be amorphous because everything has a form—it is impossible to avoid.According to Sun Tzu, the formlessness of power is more like that of water, or mercury, taking the form of whatever is around it, changing constantly, it is never predictable,the powerful are constantly creating form.Their power comes from the rapidity with which they can change.

''Formlessness is in the eye of the enemy who cannot see what they are up to and so has nothing solid to attack.This is the premier pose of power: ungraspable, as elusive and swift as the god Mercury, who could take any form he pleased and used this ability to wreak havoc on Mount Olympus''

The Igbo is the most predictable Nigerian, thats why he has been very good target those who wish to inflict injuries on him. Lets make adjustments and learn to do some things differently.

Kindly take my words,THINK about them,but throw me away if you wish. I am not important to this equation, but the issues are.

Source: Codewit

Publish Date: 

Thursday, 22 August 2013