Syria: West and Russia clash over UK evidence of sarin gas attack in Syria

First day of G20 summit in St Petersburg dominated by crisis in the Middle East

Patrick Wintour in St Petersburg and Dan Roberts in Washington
    The Guardian, Friday 6 September 2013

David Cameron’s presentation of new data about sarin nerve gas use in Syria has been aggressively dismissed by Russia. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin/AP

Jonathan should stop negotiating with PDP dissidents…employ the Obasanjo’s merciless style says Asari

The President of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari- Dokubo, has urged  President Goodluck Jonathan should stop further negotiations with dissidents in the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP)

Asari-Dokubo said Jonathan is weak and unassertive as a leader.


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