Nigerian lady scientist rules the world ... Emerges winner in global chemistry competition By COSMAS OMEGOH

Not too long ago in China, an avalanche of honours fell on Nigeria's path. It happened when one of her unsung heroines surprised the world by claiming a coveted prize at a recent edition of the ChinaNano Science Conference.

Her work in the field of Nano science and technology - an aspect of chemistry – won the best prize, outclassing over 1,000 other entries.

FEMI FANI KAYODE- Haunted By A Nupe Ancestry- Fighting A Foggy Yoruba Identity Complex By Dr. N. Tony Nwaezeigwe

Nigeria’s nationality question is neither the creation of the Igbo nor the Yoruba. It is the consequence of Hausa-Fulani’s megalomaniac quest for political power in the nation. Yet the Hausa-Fulani accept the fact that both the Igbo and Yoruba hold the key to their attainment of this divine-right objective only if both groups agree to remain suspicious of the other.

Remi Fani Kayode, Akintola, Awo And The Western Region Crisis That Truncated The First Republic By Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu

This would be perhaps my final response to Femi  Fani  Kayode in regards to the lies, hypocrisy,  sadism  and  blatant tribalism he disgorged  in regards  to the Lagos deportation  saga and the unrelated  issues of  the January 1966 coup, the pogroms  and the  Biafran conflict  he brought into the mix  in advancement of his relevance seeking  gambit  through bigotry.


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