On true federalism, regionalism we stand – Yoruba Assembly By Emmanuel Oladesu and Bisi Oladele

Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi

The Yoruba General Assembly on Thursday called for regional autonomy for the Southwest in an atmosphere of true federalism in Nigeria. 

The group clarified that regional autonomy would not undermine or subvert national unity, stressing that it could only solidify national cohesion and harmony.

Nigeria: Ogoni Leaders Denounce Declaration of Independence

Ogoni leaders of Rivers state on Monday distanced themselves from the recent declaration of independence by factional leader of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Goodluck Digbo.


A delegation of the Ogoni people led by Senator Magnus Abe met with President Goodluck Jonathan at the State House and distanced their people from the declar'ation.


How God, Foreigners Fight Nigeria’s War By Okey Ndibe

Okey Ndibe

Too many Nigerians are notorious for seeking to outsource their most important tasks to foreign entities, often divinities. We delight in shipping off our jobs to God. We abide rigged elections – on the woolly excuse that the polity should not be overheated, or the equally spurious contention that all power (including the fraudulently obtained) is assigned by God.

Ogoni Land And The Jonathan Roadshow?

By Ifeanyi Izeze

Agreed that some groups may be frustrating President Goodluck Jonathan’s efforts at addressing the mammoth problems confronting this country, the president himself and the people around him have not shown enough creativity in seizing opportunities that crop up every day to show they are actually serious to make significant inroads in governance.

Journalistic freedom: Tiraspol Times staff weighing options after Moldovan gag law

Inthe aftermath of a sweeping ban of "pro-separatist" media, journalistsat The Tiraspol Times are weighing their options and seeking legaladvice. On 5 June 2008, Moldova outlawed newspapers whose articles can be interpreted as positive coverage of Transdniestria. Moldova's legal authority over Transdniestria is in doubt but the country can enforce its laws internationally.

Transdniestria: Free market reforms cut red tape for small businesses

The pace of economic reform is speeding up in Pridnestrovie withmeasures to boost local manufacturing and small businesses.Registration time for new firms is cut in half. New companies are alsogiven a three year tax free "no tax holiday." . .

TIRASPOL (Tiraspol Times) - Capitalism is about to become a wholelot easier in Pridnestrovie (informally known as Transdniestria, inEnglish).


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