By Charles Ogbu 


Without a very serious threat of imminent break up of Nigeria, the North WILL NEVER support restructuring of Nigeria.


And without Northern support, Nigeria WILL NEVER be restructured. 


Southerners who are singing restructuring and hoping it will one day fall from heaven like manner, are simply naive or ignorant of the political realities in the country. But there is the 3rd option.......they are fans of the status-quo who are merely using the Restructuring song to bamboozle and hoodwink the Self Determination group in the Southeast and other part of Southern Nigeria. Igbo elites belong in this group. Like some of their southern colleagues, they are fans of the status-quo who are merely using restructuring rhetorics to deceive their youths who can no longer be deceived. 


A betting man would bet that all the Igbo political class ever wanted was how to silence Nnamdi Kanu who they see as a huge threat to their political interest. 


It's one month today since the Nigerian army allegedly took Nnamdi Kanu from his home. Since then, all we got from those who told us Kanu was doing it the wrong way has been nothing but deafening silence. It shows one thing: 


The Afara-Ukwu born political economist turned freedom fighter actually understood that Nigeria being a broken society presided over by broken men, only unconventional method could achieve result here. And he did achieve result to a certain degree. The joke here is on his critics who are yet to even organise a seminar to discuss their plans towards getting restructuring in the face of Northern resistance. 


It will be far much easier for Charles Ogbu to occupy the American seat of power, The White House, after Donald Trump, than for Nigeria to be restructured through the existing constitutional framework. 


But even as I am not a Jewish prophet nor equipped with the power to speak with the exactitude of one, I can boldly predict one thing:


Nigeria will either bend to allow equity, justice, fairness and merit or she will break under the weight of her own internal contradiction. Either way, the maintainability of the status-quo is not an option. 


For the record, Northern elements who are opposing restructuring are the biggest catalyst of secession.



Publish Date: 

Thursday, 19 October 2017