Dear Secretary General; The United Nations,  The Government of the United States, The Government of the United Kingdom, The Global Community,

While the whole world has been pre-occupied with the existential threats to humanity posed by the global pandemic, momentous developments have been taking place in Nigeria which we feel compelled to bring to the attention of the United Nations.

At the end of March 2020, General Mohammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria declared a national lockdown, barring Nigerians from coming out of their homes and declaring “no-movement” for cars except those on essential duties and no inter-state travels.

But under the cover of the COVID 19 lock-down, thousands of armed men between the ages of 18 and 35 years were being systematically transported across the length of Nigeria, over 1,000 kilometers from Northern Nigeria to occupy South East Nigeria, including other Southern parts of Nigeria.
They came hidden amidst bags of cement, inside oil tankers. They also came mixed with sack and sacks of beans, tomatoes and onions, while others simply boarded commercial vehicles and long distance trucks belonging to Dangote industries. The federal government’s claim of moving food from Northern Nigeria to the South of Nigeria turned out a cover for those who were moving arms and armed men into the South Eastern hinterland. On interception, it was gathered that the men are Fulani militias coming from all over Africa. It is understood that they are encouraged to come to Nigeria where the Life Patron of the Fulani World-wide Association of Cattle breeders, “MIYETTI ALAH”  is the President of the Nigeria.

Fulanis have historically harboured the dream of occupying one country all on their own in the African continent. Since General Buhari’s accent as President of Nigeria in 2015, they have seen Nigeria as the easiest place to take over, and the time of Buhari’s presidency as the best moment to strike. In the past five years, there has been a massive influx of Fulanis, many of whom do not speak English, applying and obtaining Nigerian passports. Others have spread all over the South especially South East Nigeria, using their cattle to eat up farm products, killing the farmers, raping their wives and daughters, burning down villages. In Nsukka, Enugu State, they wiped out a whole village. In Anambra state, the people of Amansea community in Awka South local Government Area awoke one day to see the bodies of 30 men of their village floating  on EZU River, there have been various other attacks in every part of Igboland such as, Imo State, Abia State, Ebonyi State and in other native Igboland across the River Niger such as Ibuzo, Okpanam and Asaba areas of Delta State Nigeria. 
None of the perpetrators of these crimes have been arrested or questioned, these crimes against humanity have gone without check, condemnation or a word of caution from the government of Buhari, he seems to relish each and every attack on the Igbos.

Buhari himself had in 2017, under the guise of a military operation code named Operation Python Dance mauled to death hundreds of unarmed Igbo youths whose only crime was to exercise their natural and inalienable rights to Self Determination, which rights are recognized and guaranteed in the United Nations Charter on Human Rights. Many of the youths that were arrested during this atrocious and barbaric military operation are still in detention at undisclosed locations, some have died in detention and their remains buried in unmarked mass grave, while some have been permanently damaged and maimed. 

To heighten these bizarre occurrences, helicopters were sighted on several occasions at night, dropping supplies for unknown persons in the thick forests of South Eastern (Igbo) heartland.

In 2019, the Fulani dominated federal government of Nigeria attempted to advance the agenda of occupation by creating colonies for Fulani people in every state of the federation. The scheme called the “Ruga Settlement” scheme was discovered and a massive outcry and opposition ensued forcing government to suspend it temporarily.
Now, the proponents have adopted a more brazen, violent tactic of armed conquest and land occupation. 

That was why while other Nigerians took cover to survive COVID 19, the Fulani were busy making more frantic efforts to conquer and occupy South Eastern Nigeria. What is bewildering is that the five states of South East Nigeria put together are only 29,525 square kilometers. This is less that the size of Kogi state, one of the smallest states in Northern Nigeria (29,833) square kilometers. Niger State of Nigeria alone, which is in the Northern part of Nigeria is bigger in land mass than the South East and South South of Nigeria put together. Why are they settled there?

Based on this, the idea is taking hold that their mission is not driven by a financial motive but must be propelled by a more compelling force. 
We believe that at the heart of this move is their long mission to force a change of religion and lifestyle on the people of Eastern Nigeria (IGBOs).

What has made the plan all the easier to execute is the complete control of the Nigerian government, Armed Forces and Police by people of Fulani decent and their northern accomplices. One of the first actions taken by President Buhari on ascent to the Presidency of Nigeria was to ensure the total control of the security architecture of the country by Fulanis and their Northern allies.  Today, the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Army Staff, the Director General of State Security Services, the National Security Adviser, the Director General of National Intelligence Agency “NIA”, the Head of Customs and the Inspector General of Police are all Northerners and Fulanis. Only the Chief of Naval Staff is from Southern Nigeria.  At the same time, all South Easterners on the top three tiers of the Arms Forces and security were retired.  As a result, the security of the country is planned and executed by one ethnic group that constitutes less than 2% of the population, to the exclusion of people of Southern Nigeria.

The lady Nigerian representative at the United Nations is also a Fulani, she has been sent there on purpose; which is to block any attempt to reach the United Nations, hence this open letter.

This letter is to brief you and alert the United Nations, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and indeed the global community on what appears to be an impending, well coordinated plan to attack, cleanse Eastern Nigeria of the Igbo stock, occupy and foist the Moslem religion on the area, taking advantage of the confusion and weaknesses introduced by the Covid 19 pandemic.

We assure you that we in the South East of Nigeria and the entire Igboland will not allow this to happen.

We therefore urge you to kindly advise the federal government of Nigeria not to further support or lend protection to this scheme which will without any doubt stir up big problems for the country. The President should be advised to identify and immediately take stringent action against members of his government involved in this obsession for conquest and land occupation in South Eastern, ans the entire South of Nigeria.

We conclude by requesting the United Nations, the United States Government, the United Kingdom and the International Community to do all in their powers to halt this barbaric endeavor which has gone on under the watch of Buhari and the federal government officials for some time now.

While looking forward to your kind prompt intervention, we extend the highest respects of the people of Eastern Nigeria to you and your organization, and your countries.

Most Respectfully,

Austin Okeke Esq.

Igbo Board of Deputies (Email: Twitter: @Boardigbo. Facebook: Igbo Board of Deputies)

Prof. Justin Akujieze

Ekwe Nche (USA)

The United States Government 
The British Government; The French Government; The Russian Government; The Israeli Government; The Government of Germany; The Government of Japan; The Australian Government; The Canadian Government; The South African Government; The African Union;  ECOWAS; The SADEC Region; The UNPO; The International Court of Justice; The United Nations Committee on Human Rights ; The East African Economic Development Community; The Commonwealth; The Government of Norway; The Government of Sweden; The Government of Denmark; The Americas; The Caribbean Islands Nations and Governments, The Government of South Korea; The ASEAN Nations

Author: Austin Okeke

Austin is a Practising Attorney and a Social and Political Commentator


Publish Date: 

Sunday, 24 May 2020