Odumakin's Book ‘Watch The Watcher’ Puts Obasanjo’s Records Before Him

                             Yinka Odumakin


An author and a columnist, Yinka Odumakin, says his book, ‘Watch the Watcher’, was written to put the records of a former Nigerian leader, Mr Olusegun Obasanjo, straight.
The author of ‘Watch the Watcher’, published three weeks after the former President released three volumes of his book entitled, ‘My watch’, said that the content of his book was not influenced by Mr Obasanjo’s book.

He, however, said that the title of the book was changed after Mr Obasanjo’s book came out.

“It is a public intellectual duty to set the record straight and to let those who have been in charge of affairs and those who are still in charge of affairs to know that a time has come for us, as victims of their misrule, not to forget.”

He likened Obasanjo’s publication to a situation where a serial rapist would be invited to give a lecture on ‘the evils of rape’, saying that Nigerians have “allowed people to falsify history”.

According to him, the book will help Nigerians get a record of the past.

Mr Odumakin described Mr Obasanjo’s book as “a package of lies”, insisting that the former President has “a selective integrity that when he does a thing, it is right and when others do it, it is wrong”.

“I wonder why Obasanjo only knows the right things when he is not in office.

“It amazes me when Obasanjo continues to grandstand and move from side to side.

“Obasanjo’s book is a package of lies.

“For General Obasanjo to come out and tell Nigerians that he was not aware of any pact with AD in 2003 that it was his deputy, Atiku. Atiku never featured in all the talks and meetings. All the meetings held with Obasanjo, I was present. The first meeting was in Obasanjo’s home in Ota and I was there,” he said, discountenancing claims the president made in his book.

“I have tried to put the authentic accounts side by side with the Obasanjo’s book.

“It is amazing that I have not seen anybody related to this man (Obasanjo), who has worked with him that has something positive to say.”

Asked if his book was an attack on the person of the former President, Mr Odumakin said that it was not a swipe on the former leader but a book that sought to put the records straight.

Source: Channels TV

Publish Date: 

Friday, 2 January 2015