Notable Northern Nigerian Muslims who converted to Christianity


The Great Testimony and Conversion Experience

Of Alhaji Ahmed Ado Bayero, now

Brother Paul Ado Bayero!

My name is Paul Ado Bayero. You may have been hearing of the grandson of the Emir of Kano (Northern Nigeria) Alhaji Ado Bayero, who converted to Christianity. You may have been wondering whether it is true or not; I tell you today that it is true for I am the one. I am a Hausa man, a typical Hausa man from Kano State, Nigeria, grandson of the Emir of Kano, my mother’s name is Jumai.

Of my mother’s children, I’m the only one that did not receive western education in an English speaking school. My mother was a devout Muslim who loved Islam and despised anything that was not Islamic. She used to abuse Christians. Anywhere she saw Christians she would curse them. Because of the disposition, she prevailed on my father to allow me to be trained in Islamic education. My father agreed because it was a thing of pride in Islam for one’s child to be properly schooled in Islamic teachings. It was more prestigious to send a child to an Islamic school than to an English speaking school. My father thus sent me to an Arabic school and I grew up according to the teachings of the Qur’an.

I was thoroughly school in the Qur’an achieving the 1st and 2nd graduation in quick successions. I learnt the secrets of the Qur’an from Juzili which says that the words of truth and of justice are in THAT book. For the Qur’an to say that the truth is in THAT book means that the “book of truth” is not the Qur’an. It means the Qur’an is referring to another book as the book of truth and justice. So I started searching, which is that book that the Qur’an calls the book of TRUTH.

According to the Qur’an, there are three books the Qur’an, injila and purah. The injila and the purah are in the bible. This means that the Qur’an is saying that the truth is in the Bible.

While all of these were going through my mind, I was sent to Saudi Arabia to further my Islamic training. I visited many historic Islamic sites and read many books of Islam. I became very fluent in Islam and Arabic studies.

The Qur’an talks more about Jesus Christ than Mohammed

When I returned from Saudi Arabia, my mother encouraged me to join the Shite Sect. As a good son I had to do the will of my parents and so I join the Jihadists. My mother obtained for me a jacket that I wore on our jihadist outings. It had 100 charms sewn on it. These charms included the satanic verses that Muslims are using to destroy the world today. I was one of the disciples of Sheik Gumi. After that I went to research some other books in Islam, because

the Qur’an does not give us a real background about Mohammed. The Qur’an talks more about Jesus than Mohammed. But the story of the life of Mohammed is not found in the Qur’an but in the OTHER book that the Qur’an refers to as the HADIT. The story of Jesus Christ, His ministry, miracles and power are clearly documented in the Qur’an.

I was in darkness in those days, but today I’m a very happy Christian because I have now seen the light. And I pray that God will visit all the people (Including the kings in the north) and cause them to become born-again in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!. I believe that the time will still come when I will go back to Kano State to take over the state for Christ. This would be done if all Christians can join hands together with us to pray in one accord to accomplish this mission. Something will happen. I extend this invitation to partake of this prayer and fasting to everyone for the salvation of those who are languishing in Islam. But the problem today is that the church does not operate with one purpose and one accord.

How we killed for Allah

Back to my story, I joined with the jihadist group in Kano and learnt how to kill Christians. In 1987, I participated in killing many Christians. I killed uncountable human beings at that time. I shed tears for what I had done believing that God would not forgive me. But today, I have found forgiveness in Christ Jesus. In Islam we were not taught anything like forgiveness. I remember that in the mosque in those days, our teachers taught us to pray against Christians that Christians should be destroyed. But in Christianity I discovered that the prayer of Christians towards Muslims all over the world is not for them to be destroyed but for God to show them the light, so that they would join hands together to worship God in the true and acceptable manner. You see the difference.

I hated to have anything to do with Christians, even my wife never wanted to see anything that had to do with Christianity. After the Christians I killed in 1987 during the riot, sometimes I would become confused, blood would be running in my head because of the lives of people that I took, thinking that God would never forgive me. But today Jesus has done something for me which Mohammed never did. And you who is reading this, He would also do for you something you will never expect from any other person because He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Wherever you are, Jesus is inviting you, to do for you what He has done for me. Come ye sinner the gospel will change you. He will do unto you what a dead God cannot do for you.

How I found Jesus Christ!

After all of these, nobody came to preach to me about Jesus. Jesus Christ appeared to me in my dream. I was sleeping on my bed and he came to me in my dream. In that dream He was coming towards me and raised up His hands and started beckoning on me with his right hand.

On his palms and feet blood was dripping from holes on his hands and his feet, and he was beckoning on me with those blood stained hands. As I was moving towards Him, doors that stood between me and Him started opening and just before I got to Him, a flash of light dazzled across from my face blinding me temporarily. Then I woke up, I heard a clear voice saying “I am Jesus”, but I did not see anybody. This was Friday, 12th of July 1991. In the morning I told my mother what happened over the night. That morning, Muslims were running to the mosque for early morning prayers, but I was running into salvation. But it was not easy. I told my parents what happened. My mother was mad at me. She abused me and pronounced every curse known to her on me.

Who can battle with God?

But before this day, my wife had died. How did she die? I had brought a copy of the New Testament Bible home from somewhere. My wife saw the bible and said nobody can bring a bible into her home and that she was going to tear the bible. I cautioned her not to, she was adamant, lifted up the bible and said that she was challenging the God of the bible to come and fight with her. She said she was going to destroy the bible and if the God of the bible had any power, he should come and fight her. I became fearful and told my wife, do you think you would not die if you tear the bible. She tore it and burnt it. The following day my wife became sick and died three days after. It was with this background that I declared my life for Christ in my home on the 12th July 1991. I have an attitude to my life. If I want to do something and you threaten me about it, I will only be hardened to continue in that pursuit. When I declared for Christ, my entire family rose up against me in unison. My mother in particular was very bitter, she said rather than becoming a Christian it was better for me to become an international armed-robber like the late Lawrence Anini.

They tore my stomach

She said she would be happier for her to be known as the mother of an armed robber than to be a mother of a Christian. Pandemonium broke out in the Emir’s palace. My brother took a knife and slashed my fingers and burnt my right hand and the five fingers were almost burnt completely. In the confusion that followed, someone ripped open my stomach with a knife and I ended up being thrown into a well. But Jesus was waiting for me. I was miraculously rescued from that well and the same Churches and Christians that I persecuted took care of me and later sent me to Port Harcourt because of severe persecution.

Holy Spirit taught me English

I was sent to Bible School in Eleme, Rivers State but there was a big problem, I could only speak Hausa and Arabic. Rev. Emerua of the Assemblies of God Church proposed that I should be sent to an adult education class to learn English. Then someone received a revelation and told Rev. Emerua “don’t send him to English speaking school, the Lord will teach him.” Shortly after this revelation I had a dream in which three white men came to me. One of them touched my lips and said “you shall speak forever”. That was how I started speaking and writing English, it was the Holy Spirit that taught me. I believe this miracle of the teaching of the Holy Spirit is for everyone who believes in Christ. Why can’t you give your life to Christ? Jesus had done something for me, which He can do for you also. I thank God that what Jesus says in the bible has come true in my life. When He says He is the way, the truth and the life that no one can come to the Father except through Him. I thank God that I have found that way, the truth and life.

But what had Mohammed got to say concerning Salvation?

In the Qur’an, his daughter Fatima came to him and asked him what guarantee of salvation he could give her. Mohammed replied, “My daughter Fatima, ask anything of me and I shall give it unto you, but do not ask me for a guarantee of salvation, for I myself do not know where I would end up” How much more for those who are following him. Ask yourselves.

Little wonder that my burden all the time was towards the Muslim nations. I was called specially to preach to Muslims and to Muslim nations. This work has begun in earnest and I’m promising you today that Islamic sharia law will not stand anywhere in Nigeria because this nation Nigeria belongs to Jesus Christ and to Him alone. I have a burden for all of the emirates in Northern Nigeria from my grandfather’s palace in Kano, to Borno and all the other emirates down to Sokoto State and all the other places. Today we have many children of God that God is going to use to bring light to all these Islamic areas to His glory. I believe that Kano State will be among the states that will be declared for Jesus Christ in Nigeria. I am a Kano man but Jesus had changed all of that and made me a citizen of Heaven and is waiting to do the same for all those who will come out of ISLAM! I thank God for choosing me to bring salvation to my people. My wife died, God allowed it because she probably would have been of no use to Christendom. My present wife is from southern Kaduna and is also an Evangelist. Our ministry is not a sit in the church ministry but to go out and evangelize to Muslims and other perishing souls. We need you to pray for us at all times because our lives are constantly in danger. Your prayers are very important to us so that we can reach the end of the assignment. Many have been called but have not yet responded to the call. Nothing can be compared to the peace and joy that comes from salvation in Christ Jesus. I come from a very wealthy background. My grandfather Ado Bayero stands high amongst the wealthy men in

Nigeria, but I forsook all of that money that cannot give me joy and peace. The word of God gives me joy forever. Not all of the wealth of my grandfather can give me that kind of joy.

We have many who have known that joy today. People like Rev. Shehu Galadima who was a Sheik but today God is using him for the Gospel. We have the grandson of the former Sultan of Sokoto, Evangelist Mustapha Dasuki, we have Rev. Dalani, Prophet Isa El-Buba, Pastor Isa Bello, Rev. Tunde Olufowobi, Pastor Waziri, Evangelist Blessed Usman JP, Lady Evangelist Aminata Esther Jokolo, Rev. Dasuki, Rev. Mahmud Ado Bayero and three grandchildren of the Emir of Kano. All of them and many more have tasted of the power of the Gospel of the living Christ! I tell you that very soon that the gospel will be preached in all the emirates councils. What I say to God is “Give me this land of Muslims, give me these emirates councils, give me these sharia states” and by the grace of God, we will capture them all for Christ.”

***This testimony of Paul Ado Bayero was taken from the book The Violent Truth of Islam by Brother B.U. Othumanu and Paul Ado Bayero; pages 1-14***

Source: BibleS for Africa Missions

Publish Date: 

Thursday, 9 October 2014