By Charles Ogbu.


For three days now, three whole days, a grave moral tragedy has been taking place in Miango town located in Bassa local govt area of Plateau state


The govt-protected Fulani terrorists have been killing defenceless men, women and children in Miango town for three days now with nothing but criminal silence from Asorock. And why not? The marauding herdsmen are Mr President's kinsmen who can kill and maim with both impunity and immunity. 


Soldiers from 3rd Armoured Division, one of the largest military barracks, located IN THE SAME LOCAL GOVT, went to the community but not to protect the victims or arrest the killer herdsmen. Not at all. They went there  and dispossessed the victims of the hunting guns and matchets they've been using for self defence. And this same soldiers still REFUSED to protect them. 




This is not the moral tragedy I speak of because the truth which we all know but which we are unwilling to admit is that Nigerian Soldiers and the herdsmen are like co-joined twins. The army even have a special Anti-Cattle Rustling unit to protect cattle from thieves. In Southern Kaduna, soldiers were enforcing a curfew on the 24th night and early morning of 25th, 2016, when Herdsmen attacked people of Jema'a local govt IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CURFEW. Please, ask people from there.


Reacting to the unending Miango attack, the Plateau state police commissioner, Undie Adie, made what I consider the most idiotic statement to ever secede from the buccal cavity of a security expert anywhere in the world. 


Hear him:


"There was a curfew but unfortunately, the attackers didn't adhere to it"


Please search Channels T.V. last night analysis of the Miango killing. But this is still not the moral tragedy I am on about. The heads of the entire security agencies in Nigeria are more committed to protecting the killer herdsmen. Is this even debatable? 


And certainly, the moral tragedy I speak of is not that a President we are paying to protect our lives and properties is playing deaf, dumb and blind to the ethnic cleansing in Miango. Mr Buhari is an unrepentant fulani supremacist. Expecting him to condemn the murderous activities of his brethren is as funny as expecting the mother hawk to condemn her young ones for feeding on chicks. 


The moral tragedy I speak of is the criminal silence from all of us with regards to the systematic genocide taking place in Plateau state. 


When we come to the stage where we codedly justify evil or play indifferent to same, then we are doomed as a people.


To the President and C-In-C, SHAME on you for playing the spectator while your kinsmen are gifting innocent women and children with death in Miango. 


To the Nigerian army, SHAME on you for prioritising cow over humans. Your Python can no longer dance against the marauding herdsmen. Your complicity in all of these is not up for debate. 


To Channels T.V., SHAME on you for describing a clear case of ethnic cleansing as "communal clash"


Those of you thinking this is a Miango problem, you will do well to remember Agatu, Southern Kaduna, Nimbo etc. 


We have a common enemy here and they are the marauding herdsmen with the security agency and President protecting them. 


We the people remain the victims. 


The earlier we realize this, the better for all of us.


Publish Date: 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017